Custom-Made Orthotic Shoes and Arch Supports

Some people tolerate foot pain, thinking it’s a natural result of growing older. But foot pain is never normal.

Also, misalignment of the bones in your feet and legs can painfully affect your spinal cord – the nerve center of your entire body.

Orthotic Shoes and Arch Supports

At CEDAR Chiropractic in Bonnyville, we can analyze your gait with the help of the Gaitscan™ technology, invented by The Orthotic Group. We also can custom-make orthotics (arch supports) that you can place inside your shoes to correct your gait.

Custom-Made Orthotic Footwear

CEDAR Chiropractic offers custom orthotic footwear from The Orthotic Group. Take a look at the selection!


Orthotic inserts $325.00

Orthotic shoes $425.00

Orthotic steel toed boots $450.00

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