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CEDAR is an acronym for the five primary areas in which you can change your habits if you've decided you're not happy with your current health or the direction it’s heading.

Each letter stands for:






The Mission of CEDAR Chiropractic

As your chiropractor…

My purpose is to use all my skills and resources to remove blockages that are interfering with your normal health and healing ability.

My Mission is:

  • To gather all the clues about your condition
  • To put them all together in a way that makes sense and points to what's stopping you from being really healthy
  • To make a plan you can use to remove those blockages, primarily using the CEDAR method
  • To help you understand the plan so that you will follow through with it

My hope is that, when this mission is fulfilled, you will have a sense of renewed energy and ability to improve your own health, and from that the freedom to pursue and enjoy the life for which you were designed.

Our Team Members

Dr. David Parker

Dr. David Parker

Dr. Parker loves helping people by relieving stress in the way that only a chiropractor can - by spinal adjustments that restore the normal nerve flow through your spine to the body and back again. He also has an interest in neurology, exercise, nutrition and the biomechanics of the foot (through orthotic correction).

Dr. Parker graduated in 1991 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College after 7 years of training to be a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). He came to Bonnyville in 2002 after practicing in Calgary for 10 years, is a member of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, and is a registered preferred provider for the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.

If your organization is interested in a speaker on chiropractic care, Dr. Parker offers Health Topic Speaking Presentations for your group meetings:

  • Low back pain talk
  • Back safety talk


Regular Visit fees

First visit $60.00*

Normal visit $40.00*

Re-examination and adjustment $50.00*
Child's first visit $50.00*
Child's normal visit $30.00*
* Additional multiple treatment interventions: add $5.00+

We are pleased to offer direct billing for most insurance providers

Additional multiple treatment interventions may include

Arthrostim (instrument) treatment
Kinesio Taping
Tens (electrical field therapy)
Custom exercise prescriptions
Theraband elastic exercise bands
Hydrocollator (heat) treatment
Topical treatments like Medistik, Magnesium cream
*Various prices may apply

Products available to purchase

Elastic Exercise Bands

Medistik topical products (heating, cooling)
Magnesium Cream

Our Family Discount Saves You Money

We save time and effort if your whole family comes in for a visit at the same time, and we pass those savings on to you. Our definition of "family" is any related group (married couple, dependent children) living in the same household.

Here's how it works: When two or more family members are present in the clinic for an adjustment at the same appointment time for a regular visit (not a first visit or re-exam), the second and subsequent people adjusted that day will each be charged only 20.00. (Note: third party patients do not qualify for the family discount.)

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